Adriaan Bredero

” Our strength is that we think further, we make connections and opportunities seen by looking at the big picture. Our aim is to stimulate exchange and valorization of knowledge. It is important to better equip graduates, with skills valuable for functioning in the labor market contributing to a flourishing, high-quality economy. That is why there will be a great emphasis on, cooperation with the private sector during this full-time course of two weeks.”

Drs. A.W.M.Bredero (Adriaan) studied Business Administration, has worked in the commercial services, providing “coaching” to managers and he is often hired as a management consultant (KLM / Air France, Logica, RaboBank). Since 1996 associated with NIS training in Utrecht.

Floris Tyl

“Students looking to access the labor market do not always have a good impression of what is expected of them, what they can achieve and where they should begin to look! There is an opportunity here to facilitate a better connection between the quality and knowledge of these students and the labor market.”

Drs. W.F.J.Tyl (Floris) studied Literature and Film Studies, worked as project manager for several companies (Ministry of Agriculture, Municipality of Amsterdam, Utrecht University). Is associated with NIS-training, co-owner and ParkZang.