The Boswell Career Academy creates relationships that matter and quality that lasts. We bring together people, business and skills.

employees and entrepreneurs

The Boswell Career Academy (BCA) guides new employees and new entrepreneurs in making concrete plans for their future career. BCA provides them with the knowledge and understanding of their ability to function in a variety of roles at different levels at the labour market. This seminar focuses on personal development and on strengthening field-specific knowledge and skills; from generic strategies to personal qualities. All workshops are focused on furthering skills and putting these into practice. Workshops and cases from leading Dutch and European companies are part of the BCA.


During the seminar the Boswell Career Academy will come together with recent graduates from different countries to become more familiar with their level of skills and knowledge. International graduates will get an clear picture of de Dutch culture and labor market.


The leading assumptions are the combination of communication skills and international labor market insights, work related attitude and cooperation skills, entrepreneurship and innovation. By knowing your abilities and with a clear knowledge of required skills we want to heighten the opportunities of our students.


By providing up-to-date information and education to future employees, we want to make it easier for employees and employers to connect. Constructive labor relations are the basics of development, innovation and quality. We provide a productive workplace in which employers and students exchange supply and demand regarding work related knowledge and skills.

curriculum vitae

BCA give you the opportunity to include entrepreneurial and job related skills and knowledge into your curriculum vitae, which gives you the lead regionally and internationally.